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M3 REAL ESTATE Innovative monitoring of your property and real estate projects - Bien Vivre à Genève

Formerly CGi Immobilier, the new m3 REAL ESTATE agency benefits from almost 65 years of experience while being resolutely turned towards the future. Located at Gare Cornavin, in the heart of Geneva, it positions itself as the local specialist in real estate thanks to an optimized structure, expanded services, and an efficient, innovative way of managing real estate projects. Interview with Abdallah Chatila, an ambitious shareholder behind the revitalization of the company`s governance.

m3 Real Estate is the result of a revitalization of CGi Immobilier. How did this happen?
It all started when I played at the Bois Carré Tennis Club. It was always empty, so that's why I got the idea of proposing a real estate project and asked an architect friend to make enquiries about the feasibility. He confirmed that the area allowed building. A combination of circumstances allowed me to buy this land and develop my real estate project. One of the contributors was Charles Spierer who advised me to lead the project. This is how I became acquainted with CGi Immobilier which was both the project`s manager and marketer. In 2010 I wanted to acquire a stake, which materialized in 2011 when I acquired 48% of the shares. Then, in 2015, I bought all the shares. As the sole shareholder, I undertook a revitalization of the company. I then changed the name to cut ties with the past and offer a new image, but also to avoid the confusion evoked by the CGI name. Then I decided to change location. In fact, the offices located at rue des Bains were darker, with a low ceiling. I then seized the opportunity to take over the offices of Le Temps newspaper in Cornavin when it moved to Lausanne and convert them into bright and modern premises. It also allowed me to gather all of the activities of the company in the same building.

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