A comprehensive network of real estate companies

Based in Switzerland,  Vertical Holding focuses primarily on the Geneva area. Our team offers fully-integrated, specialized and environment-friendly expertise in real estate, finance and law, to assure best practice principles in the entire real estate value chain, guaranteeing the highest standards while adding value to  every aspect of a property.

Deeply involved in the jewelry and diamond industry, Abdallah Chatila founded Rachaya Holding in 2007, expanding his interests to the Geneva real estate market.Businessman and gifted self-starter, Abdallah Chatila oversees his real estate ventures through Vertical Holding.Since his first forays, he has been involved in a plethora of projects and helped creating over 300 new homes in the canton of Geneva. All of these operations are managed by companies which are owned, partially or completely, by Vertical Holding.

"Tomorrow’s real estate company must serve its clients as a private bank. It must advise them on all real estate business through an approach that is always innovative and focused on performance"

— Abdallah Chatila,

Vertical specializes in the development of high-quality, eco-friendly real estate projects.

Strategy & added value

Our strategy: taking a stake in healthy, debt-free, independent companies that are able to sustain themselves without our assistance. Our synergistic model focuses on the independence of each entity; we oppose the wholly integrated model or one in which various group companies ultimately are forced to provide labour to each other and do not generate profit.Our added value: the broad scope of activities covered by our company allows us to have reliable partners for our own projects, to develop synergies between the various companies, and to expand our opportunities to increase our business contacts.